Detective Magnum

Come join the fun and see if you can help Detective Michael Magnum solve the case of his own disappearance in this thrilling escape game!

What Happened to Detective Magnum?

Your friend, Detective Michael Magnum, is presumed to be dead. Police found a suicide note but oddly enough they have not found his body. Something seems off! The 80’s have been good to him so what happened? His apartment is still a crime scene, but maybe there are some clues to be found. After all, Detective Magnum loved to find clues…and leave them, too. Clues were his life, and quite possibly, his death.

Game Features

Number of Players 2-8

Who “Magnum” Is For

People who love immersive games with lots of things to solve. This game is great for people who like a laugh, twists and turns, or just love the 80’s.