Welcome to Escape Plan Columbia, the perfect place for teams, friends, and families to enjoy unforgettable escape room adventures. Our immersive rooms are designed to challenge and entertain, and we’re confident you’ll love them.

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Escape Plan Columbia is the perfect place for those who love a challenge. With 60 minutes on the clock, you and your team will have to work together to crack codes, find clues and solve puzzles in order to escape the room. It’s the ultimate test of teamwork and problem-solving skills – can you escape before time runs out?

What Happened to Detective Magnum?

Your friend, Detective Michael Magnum, is presumed to be dead. Police found a suicide note, but they have not found his body. Something seems off! The ’80s have been good to him, so what happened? His apartment is still a crime scene, but maybe some clues can be found. After all, Detective Magnum loved to find clues and leave them, too. Clues were his life and, quite possibly, his death.

Number of Players 2-8


Avast Ye Mateys! The dreaded Captain Roberts has gotten out of control and must be stopped. We need to take over his ship, and raise our own pirate flag before Captain Roberts catches on to our plans and makes us walk the plank!

Number of Players 4-10

Floor 23

Strange activity has been taking place on the 23rd floor of the abandoned Jefferson Hotel. Others have gone before you to investigate but none have returned after going up the elevator. Can you find out who’s behind the strange activity and make it out alive?

Number of Players 2-5

The Naughty or Nice Heist

Twas the night before Christmas, and the North Pole is in chaos as Santa’s “Naughty and Nice List” mysteriously vanished. In a race against time your team must explore the North Pole, unraveling hidden clues and secrets, with one thrilling mission: recover the list and save Christmas! The fate of the the holiday season rests in your hands!
Number of Players 2-8